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Blowfish brings your content to life. 😍

This section contains some demo pages that show how Blowfish renders different types of content. You can also see an example taxonomy listing page.

Sidenote: This page is just a standard Blowfish article listing and Hugo has been configured to generate a samples content type and display article summaries.

Multiple Authors
1 min
Nuno Coração
Dummy Second Author
authors sample
1 min
thumbnail sample
1 min
icons sample shortcodes
3 mins
markdown css html sample
Rich Content
1 min
shortcodes privacy sample gist twitter youtube vimeo
Placeholder Text
·2 mins
markdown text sample latin
Mathematical notation
1 min
sample katex maths shortcodes
Diagrams and Flowcharts
2 mins
mermaid sample diagram shortcodes
1 min
chart sample graph shortcodes
Emoji 🪂
1 min
emoji sample
An External Article
1 min