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A powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.
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Hugo ships with several built-in shortcodes for rich content, along with a privacy config and a set of simple shortcodes that enable static and no-JS versions of various social media embeds.


Below is an example using the built-in youtube shortcode.


This example uses the twitter_simple shortcode to output a Tweet. It requires two named parameters user and id.

Alternatively, the tweet shortcode can be used to embed a fully marked up Twitter card.


The gist shortcode can be used to embed a GitHub Gist. It requires two unnamed parameters: the username and ID of the Gist.


The vimeo_simple shortcode will embed a Vimeo video.

Sing Jan Swing - Kinetic Type


Mathematical notation
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Diagrams and Flowcharts
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mermaid sample diagram shortcodes
Placeholder Text
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Emoji πŸͺ‚
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